Prince Edward County is a close-knit, artistic, and talented community rooted to the land, sculpted by history, and gifted with family friendly beaches, endless paths and trails, wetlands, and limestone rich soil. The wine scene in Prince Edward County is exceptional and there are several festivals devoted to tastings, and pairings.
Book some county excursions here before you arrive, or ask on site.


Chase away your hunger with traditional southern-style barbeque and L&B’s unique offerings…all melt-in-your-mouth tender and slow smoked over a wood fire. Land & Bog’s Smokehouse is a unique dining experience and our main dishes are savoury, infused with full-bodied flavours


Land & Bog Smokehouse chili is co-founder Brian’s secret recipe, featuring pulled pork or pulled jack fruit for a vegetarian option, slow-cooked beans and molasses; served with a side of corn bread


Handcrafted L&B sausage, combining wild elements, herbs and spices, from right here in The County (varieties change daily); served by the pound


Slow roasted ribs are served by the pound, with your choice of spicy, smoky or tangy L&B sauces; served by the pound


The only thing better than a tender, smoky, southern, beef brisket is one that also uses Prince Edward County’s homegrown ingredients; served by the pound


Rich, tender pulled pork encased in a rich, dark, smoky crust; served by the pound


Sourced from local farmers, our cherry-smoked spatchcock chicken is succulent and juicy; served by the pound

Land & Bog’s Smokehouse side dishes elevate tradition with a southern spin grounded by farm fresh locally-sourced ingredients. They are so drool-worthy you might find yourself craving them as a stand-alone treat


Fresh potatoes, cut into wispy strings and finished with rosemary and garlic, our L&B seasoned fries are a worthy side dish for our rich sauces and main courses


Slow cooked with syrupy sweet molasses, L&B’s beans will transport you to a crackling campfire and the simple charm of food cooked outdoors

Cole Slaw and Potato Salad

What could be more fitting than the choice of either one of these side dishes with your mouth-watering main courses!


Smooth and earthy, our corn bread is cooked in a classic iron skillet to balance the rich, spicy and smoky bbq…eat like a dessert or nibble throughout your meal

Don’t forget to ask about our seasonal sides and daily specials. You won’t want to miss our Cilantro and Lime Corn on the Cob and we might surprise you with a delicious dessert option!

Mac and Cheese

Our Mac and Cheese is creamy, cheesy, and simply sublime, and most importantly available every day

Smoky Mushroom Hero

Served on a woodfire-baked baguette, smoked mushrooms are smothered in a garlic aioli arugula

Water Buffalo Brisket

The healthy alternative to traditional brisket, Water Buffalo offers the same tender meaty goodness of our beef brisket, with lower fat and cholesterol

Pulled Pork Sandwich

Served on an artisanal pretzel bun, topped with crunchy coleslaw and grainy mustard dressing


L&B Dark Bitter

Featuring faint smoky notes, this brew pulls its bitter side from hops, and is sweetened through fermentation with dried elderberry and dark cherry

L&B India Pale Ale

Grapefruit and citrus bites, with a serious kick of hops

L&B Gluten Free Brew

Dark toasted chestnut chips, white sorghum, pale buckwheat millet and fresh local hops combine in our tasty gluten-free Amber Secession Ale

L&B Saison

Golden hued, light and crisp with high carbonation, our L&B Saison has a refreshing citrus flavour profile, underscored by comforting hints of ginger spice

L&B Hefeweizen

L&B’s Hefeweizen is an earthy brew, drawing delightful flavour from fruity ingredients like sweet orange peels and banana, with underlying notes of clove

L&B Smash Pale Ale

This light-bodied smash pale ale pairs a crisp, mild hop flavour that gets elevated by citrus top notes and fermented with coriander for a unique, one-of-a-kind flavour

L&B Stout

Combining two of our favourites – coffee and chocolate - for that heavy stout taste that remains in your mouth long after you take that first sip